Permaculture Scholarships for PDC- December 10th -23rd 2018

Scholarships for Practical Permaculture Design Course  in Uganda  is extended to only financially challenged pro active Young people in East Africa - through the Uganda Permaculture scholarship Fund under the Broadfield Enterprises Uganda - Permaculture Group - Permaculture Education Programs which is officially supported by World Permaculture Association.

Germany Permaculture Institute, Dolen Ffermio,  Kriegskinderstiftung, and Individual fundraisers , donors, sponsors Continue to Play a key role in Unlocking more Permaculture opportunities of selective young people to take our PDC and progress improvement of Sabina Site which effective a significant opportunity extended to young farmers, educators, community based organisations and pro-active staff in charge of livelihood programs  who are youthful and are actively contributing to climate change adaptation solutions in different contexts .

This International Permaculture Design Course…

Improving Lives through the Permaculture Approach

Permaculture Design Course For school teachers, NGO staff members, farmers and individuals December 10th to 23rd, 2018 at Sabina, Uganda
Lead Tutors Mugarura Charles – BEU-Permaculture Group  Laura Maier  - Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar
      Sheena Shah  - Kenya PRI Kenya Executive Director
Racheal Corda Asio - Arego Agro-Organic Foods
Supporting Team Mercy Kayodi -  BEU-Permaculture Group Victoria Katumba - BEU-Permaculture Group
Institutions:   Broadfield Enterprises Uganda – Permaculture Group Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar