Permaculture Scholarships for PDC- December 10th -23rd 2018

Scholarships for Practical Permaculture Design Course  in Uganda  is extended to only financially challenged pro active Young people in East Africa - through the Uganda Permaculture scholarship Fund under the Broadfield Enterprises Uganda - Permaculture Group - Permaculture Education Programs which is officially supported by World Permaculture Association. Germany Permaculture Institute, Dolen Ffermio,  Kriegskinderstiftung , and Individual fundraisers , donors, sponsors Continue to Play a key role in Unlocking more Permaculture opportunities of selective young people to take our PDC and progress improvement of Sabina Site which effective a significant opportunity extended to young farmers, educators, community based organisations and pro-active staff in charge of livelihood programs  who are youthful and are actively contributing to climate change adaptation solutions in different contexts . This International Permaculture Des

Improving Lives through the Permaculture Approach

Permaculture Design Course For school teachers, NGO staff members, farmers and individuals December 10 th to 23 rd , 2018 at Sabina, Uganda Lead Tutors Mugarura Charles – BEU-Permaculture Group        Laura Maier  - Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar         Sheena Shah  - Kenya    PRI Kenya Executive Director Racheal Corda Asio - Arego Agro-Organic Foods                                                                                  Supporting Team   Mercy Kayodi -  BEU-Permaculture Group Victoria Katumba - BEU-Permaculture Group Institutions:    Broadfield Enterprises Uganda – Permaculture Group Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar Venue:   Sabina Permaculture Food and Water Security Project- Kyotera District Uganda Why should participants join a PDC? The 72h Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is the foundational Permaculture cours